Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Slap Shots

They are pretty fast!!

We went to see the Junior Ice Hockey class in Burnaby where Justin belongs.

By the way, we never follow the Ice Hockey, even though a lot of Canadians are crazy about it...

There are several ice rings inside the building.

Inside the building is bit chilly.

The class has begun.

There are two instructors.

Most of the students are elementary and junior high students.

They are skating on the ice ring so fast with several different movement, it's pretty amazing.
Way to go, boys!!

There's a wide lounge space and food court upstairs.

And, you can see the practice from here.

There's an indoor court too.

They were playing succor.

Figure skating practice.

Hey, you are very flexible!

Of course, the adults' hockey is so much more powerful than junior's.

The sound was sooo loud!!

Did you have a good time?

Man, you look beaten..

:::After that, we went for dinner:::

This is the food court inside Crystal Mall. There were not many people this evening. Usually, this place is packed, especially it becomes crazy in the weekend.

This is kind of our favorite place to eat, and it's Chinese style of handmade noodle shop.

Their Xiǎolóngbāo (soup dumpling) and Jiaozi (Chinese dumpling) are pretty good!

Taddy ate their fried noodle. But Fiona had a baked fish with rice from a different store.

Justin was hungry. Hey, don't you feel food is tastier after the practice, huh?

Ashley, you better start figure skating!

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