Monday, January 28, 2008

Railroad Trip

First time to ride a THSR 700T train.

It's Taiwanese Shinkansen!!

On January 27, our 3 nights and 4 days trip had started.

Kaohsiung was the first destination for this day.

The seats were very clean and comfortable.

We actually had a Taiwanese breakfast before the ride.

Taiwanese milk is pretty tasty.

Arrived New Zuoying Station.

It's like an airport.

Fiona's friend, Wu Cheng Cheng came to pick us up with her husband.
Drove to the city side.

...but, Taddy started feeling sick.

When we arrived Cheng Cheng's mom's apartment, Fiona's other friends, Chi Ching, Samantha, and Nikki were already there, what a surprise!!

:::Time to explore Kaohsiung city:::

We went to the famous shop for beef noodle for the lunch.

Very tasty!

After lunch, we took a walk along the Love River.

Cute puppies came to play with us.

Time for snack. Already??

This store is famous for some type of Taiwanese sticky rice and pork soup.

We resumed the walking after the snack.

"When I see those temples on the streets, I feel that I am in Taiwan" by Taddy

Okay, now it's time for the Taiwanese sweets!!

This place was packed.

Wow, so big!!

It was the middle of January, but was warm enough to eat these shaved ice deserts.

However, Taddy was getting weaker and weaker...

Came to Xizi Bay, but Taddy decided to sleep inside the car.

There were a lot of people visiting this time.

It's Qianqing Dagou British Consulat.

Well, they also look very tired.

Because of Taddy's sudden illness, we decided to check into the hotel.

Little bit New Year's decoration.

The place was pretty clean.

But we forgot to ask for a No Smoking room, so the room was smelly...

The bathroom has a lot of space.

Bruce Lee's on TV!!

"That's why I love Taiwan so much." by Taddy

Taddy slept more than 10 hours. Poor Fiona, she didn't even go to the night market...


Next morning, Taddy felt so much better. However, now it's Fiona who did not feel well.

Went for the breakfast.

Buffet is just lovely.

Fiona didn't have appetite, but Taddy enjoyed Taianese breakfast very much.

After checking out, we arrived Kaohsiung Station.

It's different from the station we arrived yesterday.

Take the local train to Chiayi Station.

Kind of nice, riding the local train.

Those two characters actually are the same as Taddy's home city, Okayama City.

And guess who's waiting at Chiayi Station?

(To be continued...)

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