Friday, January 5, 2007

Turning to Japanese

Fiona wore a kimono for the New Year.

This kimono is from Taddy's aunt.

In Japan, there are still a lot of people wearing this traditional clothes for special occasions.

...but it takes time to get used to it, it's pretty hard to move around.

Inside the train to Kanazawa.

Taddy's mom slept almost on every transportation.

After sightseeing in Kanazawa city, we came to Kaga Onsen.

It's dinner time!

It's onsen time!

In the lobby in the morning.

Then we went for the tour of Kaga city.
This is the one of the stops called YUNOKUNI NO MORI.

These old houses are craft shops (workshop), souvenir shops, and tea houses and restaurants.

Hello Kitty is everywhere...

At Kaga onsen station.

You can see the big Kannon statue from the station.

We stayed in this area for two days and one night.


By the way, Taddy's family has a dog.

Ryu has been with the family for more than ten years.

The last day in Japan, Kenichiro family came to see us that night.

They were becoming good friends.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Trip to Kyoto

Jan 2, 2007:

The first stop of our Kyoto trip was the Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion Temple).

It was raining that day, but still many tourists.

Walking in the rain.

For the New Year's wish.

We went to the restaurant which is famous for Tofu dishes.

Jeff and Shanon had a tough time to eat these.

This restaurant has a pretty impressive garden.

And it's quite big.

After lunch, we visited Nanzen-ji.

Then we moved to Ginkaku-ji (the Temple of the Silver Pavilion).

Beautiful gardens.

The view from the hill.

On the way to the Gion area.

In front of Chion'in Temple.

The room we stayed.

Killing time before dinner.

The dinner time.

Poor non-Japanese (Jeff, Shanon and Fiona) did not enjoy 100% this very traditional Japanese meal.

After dinner, we went for a walk.

With a Geisha girl.

She's too white...

There wasn't much going on that night. Everything was closed pretty early.
I guess on new year's time in this area isn't so busy.

Jan 3, 2007:

The breakfast in the next morning.

Again, it's very traditional Japanese meal for this special time.

The one new year's styles, we got to drink sake!

It's the first time for Jeff and Shanon to drink sake in the morning.

We left the hotel around 9 o'clock.
Jeff and Shanon needed to catch the airplane, so we went to Kansai airport.
Taddy's mom cried so hard when she had to say good bye to them.

By the way, Jeff liked Yukata ( Japanese garment) from the hotel.

So he brought it back with him as a souvenir.

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year's Day in Japan

Jan 1st, 2007: Okayama City (Taddy's home city) in Japan

On New Year's Day, we went for the bort riding in the morning.

It was a nice day for boat riding in the sea.

This is about $30 lunch box for New Year's special.

Can you tell this is in the shape of a boar?

On the boat, they had the traditional rice cake making event.

First time for Fiona, Jeff and Soma to try it.

By the way, this is the boat we rode.


We went to see The Great Seto Bridge in the afternoon.

Jeff, Shanon, Fiona, and Taddy tried Helicopter ride.


We are in the sky!

The view from the sky was just awesome!!

Landing on the ground.

"My..., my feet..."

By the way, the helicopter ride was only 10 minutes long, but costed $40 per person...

In front of Seto Inland Sea.


We went to Kurashiki area in the evening.

The Bikan district of Kurashiki is famous area for sight seen.

19th-century warehouses are along quay in this area.

Many of them host merchants of artistic local wares.


Well, this is how we spent New Year's day in Japan.