Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let's Go Near the Water

Came to Deer Lake on early Saturday afternoon.

We'll do Kayaking here.

It's Fiona's first time.

And his second time.

Wow, it's far away from the shore already.

" Yay, we are almost reaching the other side of lake!!"

"Yeah right, I'm doing most of the work."

A lot of water lilies, kinda pretty.

See dragonfly too?

Nothing but relaxing, he wishes he could bring snack and wine with him.

Okay, U-turn.

Fiona was hot and tired, but she enjoyed her first experience.

Late afternoon, came to North Delta to see our friends.

Nice to know a family whose house has a swimming pool.

But need to warm up first, the water is pretty cold.

And he jumped...

Sooooo ****ing cold!!

It's dinner time, Oden in summer!!

But it warmed us up good.

That was one sweet Saturday