Sunday, September 7, 2008

September Wine - Part III

The third day in Okanagan.

Too bad, this is our last breakfast at Apple Blossom...

We sat at table with two couples from England and Edmonton.

And John was entertaining as well.

Fruits parfait with yogurt.

Healthy and tasty.

Warm homemade bread has arrived.  It's moist and warm.  Yum!

Look at the containers for butter and jam, but jam was not apple flavor...

Their special healthy Pancakes were the main dish.

It had very little flour.  Very soft and tasty, what a breakfast!!

We checked out Apple Blossom at 10:00.  Best B&B we ever stayed!!

We decided to go to one more winery, Quails' Gate.

This place isn't as big as Mission Hill, but it is another very famous winery here.

Nice vineyard.

And this time, the weather was the best among three days we stayed.

We joined the winery tour too.


And inside wine cellar.

The tour guide explained their special way to make wines.

Wine Tasting.

We tasted White, Rosé , and Red wine.

Inside the store.

And you can taste their samples at the counter bar.

We came to the Old Vines, the restaurant in Quail's Gate for lunch.

Actually the B&B owner and other guests were talking highly of this restaurant. So we wanted to try before we leave.

Bread's arrived.

With herb butter, it tastes pretty good.

Taddy had Rainbow Trout.

Fiona had Albacore Tuna.

Super Deliciaous!!

We can enjoy the the nice view from inside of the restaurant.

This nice environment made us feel very relaxed and comfortable while we were waiting for the desert.

Coffee is a necessity before long drive.

This chocolate cake with maple honey ice cream is just amazing!!  $10 is worthy for this plate.

We left Okanagan at 1:30 PM.
Arrived Vancouver at 6:30 PM.

Before leaving Okanagan area, we stopped to buy peaches and plums.

They were too ripe, so we had to eat very quickly.

We really enjoyed our Okanagan trip this fall!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Wine - Part II

Our second day in Okanagan.

In the morning, we saw this wonderful view from the B&B's garden.

We came to the dining room for the breakfast.

We ate with other guests.

First, their original Banana Split.

Healthy and tasty!

Their special scone.

Honestly, this is the best scone we ever had!!

And Eggs Benedict.

Soooooo good!!

Surprisingly, we were so full...!!

Because the B&B name is "Apple Blossom", there are a lot of apple related stuff in the house. Everywhere in the house, you see apples.

Check out the owner's vest.

Even though in the guest's living room, how many apples can you find?

The chess board is kinda cool, and that wooden apple case is Fiona's favorite.

Apples in the guest's kitchen too.

Tons of apples.

And this is the name of the room we stayed.

After the filling breakfast, we went for the outdoor.

Nice vineyards, and nice weather.

We arrived Kettle Valley Railway.

Not many people were hiking since most of them were riding bicycles.

After 30 minutes walking, we reached the first trestle.

Rest a while.

Let's see how many trestles are here...

Wow, 18 in total!!

Started walking again.

We walked about 25 minutes...

And reached the second one.

Taddy was bit scared walking on the side.

Well, we could not go through rest of the Kettle Valley Railway, so we decided to turn back.

It started raining, so we stayed under the big rock.

Left KVR.

On the way back, we found Apple orchards.

Kind of pretty. Are they ripe??

Our First Winery Tour:

We then arrived the Mission Hill winery.

This is the symbol tower for Mission Hill.


Actually these vineyards for displaying and demo purpose. not the real thing for making wine.

The place is quite big. And it's very beautiful.

Enjoyed walking around.

Picture time.

In very peaceful environment.

Nice building.

Okay, let's go inside.

Wow, a lot of wines!!

A lot of things to look around.

There was a gallery type of room.

A big barrel.

These tags were our tickets to the tour.

The tour begins.

The guide showed us a movie and took us outside to explain about grapes and wine making briefly.

Then we went to the underground cellar.


So cool!!

It's a interesting tour, and we really enjoyed it.

Finally, it's wine tasting time.

We had four different types of wine with super tasty organic cheese.

The first one is: 2006 Select Lot Collection Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon (0) - $26.99.

Taddy still doesn't like white wine much.

And 2006 Reserve Pinot noir (0) - $29.99.

Hmm... interesting taste.

2004 Select Lot Collection Syrah (0) - $34.99

This one is Taddy's favorite.

2005 Reserve Vidal Icewine (21) - $49.99.

This ice wine was Fiona's favorite.

And we got gifts.

Brand new wine glasses, cool!!

For the dinner, we went to a golf course' club house.

The view is nice but the food is just so so.

Taddy had a steak.

And Fiona had a grilled chicken.

Well, except dinner, we really had a great day!!

(To be continued...)