Saturday, January 26, 2008

One Fine Taiwanese Day

Traditional Chinese medicine doctor and Fiona.

Fiona always goes to see this kind of doctor when she comes home.

The Chinese art of combining medicinal herbs.

The doctor's wife is in charge of putting herbs together.

We went to a local restaurant near by our house for dinner.

The place was quite busy.

A: Fried rice B: Stirred fry vegetable C: Oyster soup D: Fried noodle

E: Soup with seaweed and small fish F: Clams G: Baked fish H: Steamed fish

The food was awesome!!

We had a great time for the first family dinner at this time.
It's our first day in Taipei during our vacation.

Fiona's mom cooked breakfast the following morning.

Rice, vegetable, egg, fish, meat!

This tent-look-like thing is for keeping leftovers.

Haven't seen this item for a long time...

Taddy found his favorite Japanese snack at the convenience store near by the house.

It's pretty spicy.

Fiona bought this Taiwanese snack.

The taste is fishy...

:::Love Taiwan!!:::

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Fouquet Family said...

We love Taiwan too! Looks like you had fun.