Saturday, January 26, 2008

It Happened One Afternoon

Drinking Taiwanese "can coffee" inside the car.

Little bit too sweet...

We went to Luodong where our uncle's family live.

Arrived at uncle's dental office.

He looked at Taddy's teeth.

Before lunch, we just walked along the streets in town.
And found one Douhua (tofu pudding) store.

It was so good! Not too sweet at all.

This one is a small egg cake.

Taddy's favorite Taiwanese sweets.

The street was pretty busy.

Especially before the Chinese New Year, a lot people were shopping.

Fiona bought pig blood cake, coated with peanut powder.

Fiona's mom ate Youtiao(deep fried strip of dough) and peanuts soup.

Saw the wine store. Had some sampling.

Taddy bought 2 bottles.

At uncle's house.

Mother and daughter were just relaxing in the living room.

The lunch is served.

Hot pot, chicken, beef, fish, and vegetable!!

Wine in a big jar!!

Wow..., this one is pretty tasty! Taddy liked it a lot!


We actually brought back the wine from Taiwan.

And we decided to open one in a weekend, drinking with Lew family.

These are also from Taiwan.

Dried vegetables (potatoes, green beans, burdock, mushroom).

And these are eggs which were boiled with soy sauce and spices for long hours.

They look like black beans...

You eat the egg white (the color is black now), feel like chewing rubber... but the taste is actually not bad at all!

Now let's taste the wine.

Hmmm... the taste is not as enjoyable as the samples Taddy had.

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Fouquet Family said...

Great post Taddy. Are the dried vegetables good? They look yummmy