Friday, December 29, 2006

The Longest Day in Taipei

Episode II:
Serving Tea to the Groom's Family

Our suite in Sheraton Taipei Hotel.

Caitlyn and Jesse were holding Fiona's dress to the room.

Taking pictures with Kenichiro's family.

The Paynes, Popo, Samantha, and Yun-Te.

Until Taddy's parents show up, we were just chilling.

Fiona's best friend, Chi-Ching was beside her all the time.

It's time to lift the vail.

And we are ready to serve the tea.

Taddy's parents and Fiona's grandma.
Grandma can speak Japanese so she was with them all time.

...and the bride receives red envelopes with money inside from them.

With Taddy's parents and the Fouquets.

Fiona is now relaxing.

Ok kids, it's snack time!!
On the table were bubble tea, McDonald's, and meat buns.

They were actually starving, so they ate like crazy.

Adults were hungry too, especially Taddy's mates. Taddy didn't even let them eat lunch.
It's too bad that they ate too much finger food before the banquet...

Soma was kissing Rin and Rio.

Again, just hanging out until the reception time.

Almost time for us to get ready for the banquet.

Going to the banquet hall!

(To be continued...)

©Most of Photos by Jeff & Shanon

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