Friday, December 29, 2006

The Longest Day in Taipei

Finally, here is our main event in Taiwan.

Yes, it's about this!'

By the way, Taddy's family arrived Taipei from Japan a day before the wedding.
They stayed at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei.
P.S. Taddy's mom cried when she finally met Jeff and Shanon at the airport.

It was the first time for Fiona and Taddy to meet Taddy's naphew, Rio.

After checking into the hotel, we went for dinner hosted by Fiona's family.

Taddy's parents and his cousin, Yu.

Fiona's parents.

Fiona's aunt, Mei-Hui and grandmother.

Another aunt, Mei-Ling and her husband. Both aunts and grandmother are kind and sweet. They are Taddy's favorite.

Time for the family toast.

Fiona with Soma. Mutsumi and Yu are happy because they were full.

Now, this is a typical Japanese thing, giving a lot of souvenirs from Okayama City, Japan.


After the dinner, we went to Shilin Night Market and met Chuck's family, Jacky, and Shu-Mei there.

Episode I:
Pay Respect & Say Good-Bye to the Bride's Parents

Dec 29, 2006:
Taddy and his team left the hotel and came to Fiona's house. According to the Chinese custom, the groom's parents should not be part of this team. The groom's parents stay home and wait until the groom takes the bride back to his parents home where the bride will serve tea to the parents as a new family member.

Kinda nervous...

It was not easy for them to enter the house. Taddy was requested to do some tests by Fiona's girlfriends as a Taiwanese tradition.

"All right, hold this."

The girls (Hsiu-Hui somehow was the leader) asked Taddy to prove his true love for Fiona. For example, #1 expressing his love in Chinese and then #2 dance a little bit.
#3 He also had to sing a song (Taddy made up the stupid song).

To demonstrate that he's healthy and strong, Taddy did 20 push ups!

He passed the tests and was allowed to enter the house...

Waiting for the bride.

Tea and some Taiwanese sweets were served while waiting.

I don't think these Japanese and Americans enjoyed the sweets...

Fiona as the bride coming down to the living room.

Taddy was nervous. He took Fiona to her parents.

Bow to parents.

Fiona's father started crying so hard and that made us cry too.

Fiona, her parents, her brother and Taddy.

Now it's time to leave the house.

Giving red envelopes (little money inside) to friends and relatives who played various roles.

And ready to leave for Sheraton Taipei Hotel, where the reception was held that night.

Riding the nice cars made us feel pretty cool!!

(To be continued...)

©Most of Photos by Jeff & Shanon

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