Sunday, December 24, 2006

Meet the Paynes

Finally, we met the Payne family!

Paynes: (from left) Chuck, Hsiu-Hui, Jesse and Caitlyn

At the fancy restaurant in Chiayi City.

Dongxuanyuan Tea House

You can eat at this place while enjoying the Chinese architecture.

"Yes, they are edible."

Authentic Taiwanese food!

"Fish with dry soybean" was uhhh...okay.

We finished eating, but stuck around for a while.

Every sitting area is different.

This Chinese style garden is quite fun!

Very interesting place.

After the restaurant, we went to shopping streets.

There are lot of shoe stores, and Shanon was surprised.

A lot of people, a lot of scooters...

Chiayi's Night Market!!

Taiwanese BBQ!! Taddy was addicted to chicken butt.

Caitlyn and Jesse, they are already hungry.

"Sugar coated tomatoes" that Fiona can't refuse.

Shanon also tried. She loved it.

Taiwanese dry fruits.

It's very fun to walk around.

In this night market, there are some game corners too.

So many stuff to look at.

Jeff loves swords.

Of course, we went back their home late.

By the way, this was the Christmas Eve!
It's interesting to spend Christmas Eve this way.

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