Monday, December 25, 2006

Last Day in Chiayi

Hsiu-Hui's mom's shop.

Paynes live upstairs.

It was the *Christmas day*

Somehow, they knew what they would receive...

Jesse and Caitlyn with their Christmas gifts.

Very relaxing morning.

Taddy is getting his hair dyed.

Too red...

A Gorgeous Temple in Chiayi:

In the afternonn, we went to visit BaoAn Temple.

They are beautifully designed.

The splendid entrance.

Amazing details of curvings!!

There are so many things to see.

Felt very sacred inside this temple...

Jeff praying in Chinese style.

This is how it works:
You pray first, then go to pick a stick #1. Each stick has a number that corresponds to a poem. The answer to your pray is hidden in the poem. After pick up a stick, you then throw #2 to the floor. If these two wooden pieces facing different directions (for example, one faces up, another one faces down), that means you have picked the right stick for your pray. If these to wooden pieces face the same direction, you'd have to pick another stick and repeat the process until you reach the right one.

After visiting the temple, we went to the city.

The popular bakery in Chiayi.

So many different kinds of breads and cakes.

A Nice Park in Chiayi:

We arrived the park.

Ate up all buns.

Jesse rocks.

Hiking time.

There are several trails.

In the end of the path...

Having nostalgic moment.

Of course, they can swing way better than adults.

There's a small temple in the parking area.

Elements are different from BaoAn Temple.


It's already eveninig.

The view from this tower was ...okay.

Lovely food in Chiayi:

Dinner at Hsiu-Hui's aunt's restaurant.

Believe or not, they are all vegetarian food.



Chiayi's famous Chinese spring roll store.

We just watched how they make it.

Taiwanese MacDonald's...

...and KFC.

After we came back, Chuck demonstrated how to put 4 people in one scooter. (Taddy always wanted to do this)

Turning Taiwanese...

Another small temple(?) in the neiborhood.

Hsiu-Hui's dad showed this to us.

It's the famous Japanese sake brand, Kikumasamune, 35 years old. (unopened)

It's time for Jeff, Shanon, Fiona and Taddy to leave Chiayi.

:::Heading back to Taipei:::

Forget about Greyhound!

Aloha bus is awesome! You can really sleep in this bus.

By the way, Taddy left camera on the bus...
(Fortunately we got it back later)

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