Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Gathering

Nice cherry blossoms in our neighborhood.

This was taken in mid April.

But this cherry tree is not in good location.

Near by the tree, there is an empty building which used be a McDonald's.

5 minutes away from our home, there was another one in front of the library.

Behind the library, there is a track. We sometimes come here to walk or jog. (Not lately...)

:::Getting together and have a nice meal::::

One weekend in April, we went for Hanami (flower viewing) party at Peters'. BBQ in the back yard the simple way.

Their house is really sweet. And there is a big window in the living room, and you can see cherry trees and mountains, so pretty!!

After eating, we walked to the Deer Lake Park.

Nice park, nice view and nice weather.

It was also a surprise birthday party for a friend.

Happy Birthday!!

Another weekend, Poncho came to our place.

...with Missy.

And couple weeks ago, we invited other friends over for dinner.

How could you not have wine with Takoyaki, beef, tofu, pork...

...fried squid, and Korean noodle!

Watched hockey game.

Even though Canucks lost this evening, we had a lot of fun!!

At Missy's place last weekend.

Another non-stop eating gathering, Japanese style.

Little Poncho's room and the view from the living room.

Dining room.

Poncho was not in good mood.

He's been hiding in the washroom.

Japanese Okonomiyaki.

Home-made breads and takoyaki (grill flour ball with octopus).

We took a break from eating and walked to the beach.

What a nice view.

We all needed some exercise, including Poncho.

Had a great time!!

:::Summer is coming soon:::

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