Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Snowy White Season

We had too much snow.

Streets are kind a mess.

It snowed for a few days one week before Christmas in Vancouver. And it snowed more during Christmas holiday.
So we stayed at home for 4 days.

One evening, we cooked Ramen.

We brought this pack from Japan. Taddy also cooked Char siu for this.

And here we go.

So good. Instant noodles can't compare to this.

And another evening, we ate Takoyaki with Lew Family.

Yes, we bought the Takoyaki machine in Japan.

And here we go...

They actually tasted pretty good. And it is also fun to make Takoyaki.

They cooked Crab Rangoon.

By the way, there is no Crab Rangoon in Vancouver. So you can imagine how bad we miss this one.

Bottles of wine.

Finished three bottles that night.

New Year's Eve:

We ordered Sushi.

Everyone likes sushi here.

But Taddy couldn't enjoy white wine.

New Year:

New Year's dishes in Japanese style, Osechi, cooked by Kaori.

And we cooked Zoni again.

Ashley loves eating, but Justin, not so much...

Good or so-so?

January 3rd:

Guess what?  It snowed again..... we couldn't stay inside anymore.

And Taddy made Snowman.

But this snowman was melted next day.

:::Wish you all the best in the year of Ox, 2009!:::

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