Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hottest Show in Taipei

We came to Nangang, Taipei.

This is Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.

Fiona's Company participated in Computex Taipei from June 2nd to June 6th. And here is the exhibition venue.

By the way, when we were at the Vancouver airport, we bumped into the Tu family.

Took a picture at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. But we could not see them while we were staying in Taiwan.

And the day before the tradeshow started, we had lunch with Chi Ching.

After that, went to the exhibition hall to set up the booth.

It is a huge hall.

The first day of the show, we came to Nangang around 9 AM. Had breakfast at Mos Burger inside the exhibition hall.

These sandwiches are quite tasty.

2009 Computex Taipei started!!

This is the 4th floor.

Microsoft's booth is huge, and there were always a lot of people.

Those big companies had their booths on the 4th floor.

Some booths were designed and set up nicely.

By the way, this is Fiona's booth.


And there were two food stands on the same floor.

But we didn't want to eat lunch here.

So we went outside.

Oh, almost forgot to mention this... the temperature in Taiwan was always around 30-34°C (86-93°F) while we stayed there.

We ended up eating lunch at Mos Burger. There were so many people inside the store.

Fiona is eating her favorite chicken.

Mos rice burger is pretty good.

Yakiniku burger and shrimp burger, yummy!!

Another day, we had these lunch sets from another eatery inside the building, but taste was so so...

There are so many people in this store too.

Took pictures in front of some sculptures.

After lunch, Taddy went to the 1st floor of the exhibition hall.

There are also interesting booths here too.

In a small section, there was Good Design = Good Business exhibition.

PEGA's booth was pretty cool.

Their portfolio were quite creative and stylish.

Computex Taipei Exhibition was throughout several halls.

One day, Taddy went to another hall, Taipei World Trade Center.

Inside TWTC Hall 3.

Taddy liked the look of the food stand.

Outside look of TWTC. Interesting architecture.

Taipei 101 is right across the street. The picture on the right is the passage to go to Hall 1.

Inside Hall 1.

So many people were there too.

*But what Taddy was most interested in seeing in Computex Taipei is...

Promotional models (in Taiwan they are called "Show Girls")!!

More girls!!

And more!!!

And more!!!!!

It's Show time!!

And "Real" show time!!


This kind of IT exhibition in Taiwan is heaven for guys like Taddy!!


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo, very nice! You guys are soooo lucky. It looks like you had a ton of fun. Nate.

Anonymous said...

This is Tu mama. It's fun to view the photos you took. Penny and I will return to Vancouver on 8/30. Stay in touch then.