Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Feasts

Nothing but tasty wine.

Eating and drinking, that's pretty much what we do in the weekends' evening.

Fiona likes cheese. We bought two kinds this time.

They match with wine so well.

Sichuan and Indian Dinner:

One Saturday evening, we went to friends' place for dinner.

We brought Chinese (Sichuan style) dishes and they had Indian dishes ready.

Chinese meat ball and Indian Butter Chicken.

Fish with Tofu and Curry vegetable.

This is Blackberry wine. Taddy was pretty excited to drink this.

But the taste was...hmmm.

And Shiraz.

Well, this one is pretty good.

Muslim Dinner:

On another Saturday, we were invited by Fiona's coworker for Eid ul-Fitr (Eid Celebration).

They are Singaporean home style dishes.

There were a lot of guests in their house.

People are eating, chatting, watching Hockey game from TV, and singing Karaoke in the basement. Food were continuously added from the big pots in the yard.

Japanese Dinner:


Shige and Sanae brought their machine and cooked delicious Takoyaki that night.

We cooked Gratin and Taiwanese chicken dish.

And Akihito and Yuko brought Potato Salad and Karaage.

Opened two bottles that night.


A lot of stuff to eat and a lot to talk about.

We finished the party at midnight, what a tasty and fun night!!

Thanksgiving Dinner:

Big turkey was cooked well.

Canada's Thanksgiving was on October 13th. And we were invited by Lew family as usual.

Isn't this great?

Stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, carrots with cream sauce, vegetables, gravy, cranberry sauce... you name it.

This time it was Spanish wine.

And it's pretty good wine.

Okay, let's eat!!

And their homemade pumpkin (it's from their garden) soup was so delicious!! We brought roll cake instead of pie. but this roll cake is actually quite tasty.

And they are just busy in eating.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Afternoon Cycling:

Eating is fun, but gaining weight isn't much fun. So we decided to do little exercise.

First time to ride the tandem cycle.

Came to Stanley Park on one Sunday afternoon.

And circling around the park.

It was great day for cycling.

A lot to see in the park.

Arrived the beach.

Taking a break. We haven't riden a bicycle for a while, but we really enjoyed it.

It took about an hour to finished a complete circle around Stanley Park's seawall.

Well, this is how we enjoy the autumn season here. And...

Winter is not welcomed!!

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Revision of the 14th Chapter. . . said...

Hey guys! Looks like Thanksgiving was lots of fun with good food. Is my Japanese guy getting fat yet? I noticed he avoided being in the pictures, so I was wondering. Hope you guys are enjoying the fall - I'm sure it's beautiful there. Take care!!