Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Long Walk Beach

We were on the airplane.

Flying from Vancouver to...

Arrived to LAX.
We decided to stay in L.A. for a day before going back to Japan.

Took the train to Long Beach.

We were in Long Beach downtown area.

Walked around the port of Long Beach.

It's a beautiful day for walking.

Under this beautiful weather, we quite enjoyed walking.

And now getting hungry...

Found a burger stand. We had BBQ Chicken Sandwich and it's surprisingly good.

Having lunch outside, and it was really nice. And sparrows in the area are not afraid of people.  One even came so close to us.

A classic boat for Sale.

Wonder how much would it be.

Man...we walked a lot and Fiona was almost crippled.

Sun is so dazzling...

This is the Convention Center.

They were having some tradshow for sound effects or something.

Stopped by a coffee shop.

We had chai tea and apple cider. Surfing internet with iTouch.

The hotel room we stayed.

We actually paid $20 because we had some points from Starwood.

Next morning, right after we checked out, a fire truck came to the hotel.

What happened??  We had no idea.

Well, we went back to LAX and caught the flight to Japan.
Arrived Japan safely.

:::To Be Continued:::

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