Sunday, June 15, 2008

For Sale by Owners

We joined the garage sale organized by Lew family and some neighbors last weekend.

The first time for us to do the garage sale in Canada.

It's quite a selection, isn't it?

Lew family decorated the setting pretty good.

And this is our table.

We wanted to get rid of DVD player, computer keyboard, some DVD and VCD, shoes, and clothes.

However, we didn't sell much that day...


Next day (Sunday) was much nicer and warmer outside.
Expected more people to come, but not much different from Saturday...

See? Compare to other neighbors, we had a lot of stuff.

Well, at least we could sell that DVD player and computer keyboard!

By the way, Tu papa and Tu mama (Penny's parents) stopped by our garage sale in the afternoon.
After the garage sale, they took us to a Cantonese style restaurant near by their place for dinner.

Tu papa and Taddy had glasses of wine.

"Pretty good wine", that's what Taddy said.

This crab dish is their specialty.

Steamed crab rice (left) and crab leg.

And other dishes.

Fish, tofu, green vegetable, and soup... yummy!!

And mango pudding for desert.

This one looks pretty and was so tasty.

We had a pleasant evening.
Thanks to Tu papa and Tu Mama!!