Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Big Fat Greek Festival

So many people on this warm Sunday afternoon...

It's Greek Day on West Broadway.

We went to the last day of Greek Heritage Month.

Many food stand were selling Souvlaki, therefore the street was quite smoky because of the cooking.

Several blocks on West Broadway were closed for the event.

There's also a stage for live music performance.

In front of this store, there's some ethnic music performance.  Not sure which ethnic music was being played, but surely it's nice.

This is Greek doughnut.

Fun to try it for an experience.  It's not bad at all but we probably would not eat it again.  Too sweet...

Greek dance on the street.

And we found a nice store on the street.  

Most of the items are antiques and they are well displayed.

Prices are bit expe...

Some people wearing Greek costume, more slouvaki cooking, Greek cooking demo and some antique car.

...and that tall angel.

Fiona is buying Falafel wrap.

This is not the best Falafel we've ever had.  But alright.


Taddy cooked Curry for dinner.  There're potatoes, scallops and pork.

Spicy and yum!

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