Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Anniversary Dinner

On our 3rd Anniversary...

Fiona is regretting why she got married with Taddy...

We went to West Vancouver, near by Ambleside Park at this evening.

Around 7:00 PM, it is still bright, and the sunset here is about 9:00 PM now.

Because it is our anniversary, we decided to have a dinner in this French Bistro, La RĂ©galade.

Fiona's colleagues spoke very highly about this restaurant, so we are exited.

This place carries France home cooking style, so the atmosphere is pretty cozy .

The smell is so good inside the restaurant.

The bread has arrived.

They taste just like bread...

About 15 minutes later, pots were delivered to the table with food inside.

The sauce for one dish and the baked potato with garlic and cheese as the side.

This is Coq au vin, chicken in red wine sauce. 

...and Carre de Porc.  Regular pork chop cannot be compared with this dish.

So delicious!!
Both quality & quantity are perfect.  Taddy couldn't even finish his dish, how unusual!!

We also ordered the desert, Isle Flotante.

It was pretty sweet, but good too.

We paid $67 in total, including tips and it is definitely worth it.
"Let's come back again", that's what we both said.  What will we eat for the next time...?

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fookaDESIGNS said...

3 years wow! congrats! looks like you had a lovely time.