Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big Bang Pumpkin

Three days before Halloween, the landlord family asked us to join the Pumpkin Carving.

They had one extra pumpkin for us. Taddy wanted to try his first pumpkin carving.

Wow, they are big!

Justin and Ashley, you guys already have ideas?

All right, let's do it.

The cleaning was the worst part, but after that it's fun.


Well done!

But Taddy wasn't very happy because the outcome was so different from his sketch.

Then we put the candles inside of Jack-o'-lantern.

They all look nice. We are ready for Halloween!


October 31, 2007:

We decorated the house!

And kids are ready for Trick-or-treating.

Now, here are kids who came to our house for Trick-or-treating!

Some of them had style. We enjoyed seeing them!

The little girl wasn't much dressed up, but so cute!

But after all...

Poor pumpkins.

Well, maybe we'll dress up for next year, but until then...

See Ya!!

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