Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Everyone's Holiday

On a Friday night, we went to the Christmas party from Fiona's company.

P.S. Santa's beard is real!

The Party was held in Canada Place in down town.

Beautiful decorations for this time of year.

The party was really good, food, drink, and everything.

And Fiona won ipod touch from the drawing!!
But she says "I have ipod nano already..."

"It's mine now!" - Taddy

Nice view...

We stayed at the party until midnight. Free food & drink, it's just awesome!


David and Amy came back from Seattle this weekend. We went out for dinner on Saturday night.

It's Chinese-Hunan style restaurant.

...uhhhh, not our taste, didn't enjoy very much.

Next day, we had dinner together again. This time, we went to a Chinese-Canton style restaurant.

The place was packed.

Cantonese cuisine.

Dishes are delicious! This time we enjoyed a lot.


In our neighborhood.

Reindeers' heads actually move!

In upstairs' living room.

Justin has improved his piano pretty good lately.


Dec 25, 2007:

Okay kids, it's a time you've been waiting for!!

Wow... Justin got ipod nano, and Ashley got Nintendo DS!

We received the present from them too.

P.S. The card is made by Ashley.

Hey, the parents also got Nintendo DS for themselves...?!

By the way, Lindt Lindor chocolates are the present from us.

They are now into their new toys.

Some of Ashley's tiny dolls are so cute.

Around 3 o'clock, it started snowing.

Now, it is White Christmas.

We had a Christmas dinner together too.

Randy cooked Chinese style chicken, and it goes with wine(Australian Shiraz) pretty well.

Of course, we got to eat deserts! Man, we ate a lot that night!!

And we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD together after dinner.
It's so hard to follow the story of this series now...

:::Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas day!!:::

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