Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mountain Drive Weekend

We went for a short trip on the weekend. Drove 5 hours to get to Adams River from Vancouver.

Arrived Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park.

We wanted to see "Salmon Run".

The trail was filled with a lot of falling leaves.

Pretty nice!

But we did not see many salmon at this point.

And later, we found that there wasn't much salmon to see this weekend...

But still, this is a very beautiful place. Nice to walk around.

Beautiful sky!

We really enjoyed walking the "yellow trail".

and loved the sound when we stepped on the leaves.

Finally, we saw many sockeyes salmons!

"Welcome back!"

There was a big lake by the motel we stayed.

So we took a walk before dinner.


Next day, pretty much what we did was driving, but took a different route this time.

Stopped several points to see nice views on the way back to Vancouver.

And we also stopped by Whistler.

Well, it's nice to get out of Vancouver once in a while. We saw and enjoyed the beautiful nature scenes from this trip!!

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