Friday, December 25, 2009

Delicious Holiday Party

:::Happy Holidays:::

Look how big our boy is now!!

...Just kidding. We went to see David, Amy, and cute Kenneth in Seattle two weeks ago.
In shopping mall, there were so many people waiting in line to take a picture with Santa who is inside that log house.
We just took a picture in front of the house without Santa, and it was free!!

Friday, December 18:

Came to the Sutton Place Hotel in downtown.

For Fiona's company's Christmas Party.

In the lobby.

A lot of trees.

The party's on the second floor.

The party hall was full of people.

Santa and Diva.

Finally it's time to eat.

And Taddy's plate...

Roast beef was awesome!!

Here comes the desert table.

After dinner, of course it's dancing time.

Why Fiona who loves dancing is sitting there?

Our table.

Had a great time!!

Saturday, December 19:

Went to Yap's house for dinner. They baked Turkey!!

Vegetables and wine.

Taddy missed this year's Thanksgiving dinner, so he was happy to have these.

The desert was Tiramisu from Target. So good!!

Because Taddy ate and drank a lot for two days in a row, he got stomach pain.
So he took this Thai stomach medicine.

It worked so well!!

Saturday, December 20:

Went to Missy's to have another Christmas party.

Had Yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ). Yukie baked outstanding cream buns!!

Shy Poncho and not-shy-at-all Missy.

After big meal, chill out for a while.

Time for main event, White Elephant.

Missy was the first to open a gift.

Man, what a gift...

These two actually got good ones, but you never know if yours would be stolen...

Hey Poncho, what do you smell, good or bad?

Poor Don...

And poor Madoka, her pick was stolen by Missy...

But what a fun game...!!

Also celebrating December Birthday.

Mango mousse cake.

Birthday girls.

These are the gifts we got. Taddy likes Meoto-Yunomi (Tea cups for husband and wife).

Fiona got some cosmetic stuff and chocolates which will be eaten by Taddy soon.

Thursday, December 24, Christmas Eve:

Came to upstairs.

Had dinner with Lew family.

Hot pot in this cold weather, awesome!!

And wine, of course.

Christmas cake!!

But Taddy was too drunk and slept already... missed this delicious cake.

We received the gift from them.

Thank you guys!! (But we haven't opened this yet)

Friday, December 25, Christmas:

We are leaving to Japan and Taiwan!!
Merry Christmas and See You in

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