Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Life with Humans

Sitting on back seat of the car...

I'm Poncho, 4 years old, male.

My mommy, Missy, was gone for business trip to Japan for two weeks. So I am staying with this couple, Fiona and Taddy.
Fiona is a nice female, so I like her. Taddy is a moody and goofy guy. Well, I guess he's all right.

They took me to West Vancouver on Saturday.

The weather was really nice.

On the way, I saw this car.

Humans are...

We arrived Lighthouse Park. Man, a lot of cars.

This is the entrance of one trail. The city nicely puts doggy bags by the entrance.
But Taddy was complaining that there are many people still don't clean up after their dogs even the doggy bags are provided.
Taddy is always complaining about something, I noticed.

Let's started hiking.

Taddy, follow me!!

Hope these guys know where they are going.

Walking and walking, some part is quite tough to walk.

Hey, it's so bright over there.

So I walk towards the light...

Oh, I see


This is quite high...

Fiona and I were not scared at all, but Taddy was.

I recognized this place is quite a view point.

So there are other people coming here and walking around.

I enjoyed the smell of ocean.

And the view.

Hey, don't hold too hard, I ain't falling.

Getting thirsty.

There are some people, swimming, diving, and ...what are they doing down there?

Humans are pretty interesting.

Let's go back.

Taddy, follow me again!!

That's the exit.

This was some experience for me.

Then I saw the Ice cream truck coming to the parking lot.

Surprisingly, Fiona and Taddy didn't get anything.


They wanted fresh juice from Dragon Ball Tea House.

Papaya milk and Mango juice. Hey where is my drink?


Next day, Sunday, we went for driving again.

Sitting inside the car makes me sleepy...

Again?? Man, these guys really like the drinks.

They bought Red bean milk and Taro milk this time.

We came to the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Sitting in front of the... hey, what's this?? A huge jet tub!!

I've seen a lot of people here.

I can jump really high. Fiona did not pick me up. I jumped!

View from where I was sitting.

So that's downtown over there?

Then we started walking around the park.

It's nice to be around tons of flowers.

Taddy keeps on taking pictures of us.

Hey, can we move on?

I don't remember when was last time I saw a water fall.
This man-made one is not bad.

Hey, you down there, you are kind of good looking.

How do I look on the bridge?

Fiona, don't let me go.

This is the view from the bridge.

Oh, there're several newly-wed couples taking pictures.

Japanese garden?

I wonder what mommy is doing in Japan now...?


I think I love flowers.

All right, this is Stan from Buffalo, and he came to Vancouver.

He and Taddy did their MFA graduation show together in Kansas, that's what I heard.

Had BBQ in the backyard with Lew family.

Man, what's wrong with Taddy? Everyone already finished dinner, but he still keeps eating...

They also made smorse.

I did not have any neither!

It looks yummy, but weird...

I wish I could have some.

Ah, Fiona and Taddy both have dogs in their home country too.

This is Taddy's mother's dog, Ryu.

Do our faces look similar?

And they are Zai Zai and Niu Niu at Fiona's home in Taipei.

They are Shiba dogs.

At night...

I was just so tired after these two days' activities that I fell asleep in Fiona's bed.

Hey, wait a second. When was this picture taken?
That's invading my privacy!!


Fouquet Family said...

awww....I love this post. It was nice to meet you Poncho. It looks like you had a good time with my friends Taddy and Fiona. Please tell them we miss them! :)

~Shanon and Jeff

Stan said...

Hey Poncho - Really a nice job of documenting things! Thanks for inviting me and sharing your home away from home. I had a wonderful time!